Foods that Cause Bad Breath

Garlic Breath

Garlic BreathThere are foods that can cause bad breath. Aside from the usual condiments that can cause Garlic Breath or Onion breath, there are notified foods that can affect the breath of a person. We can’t avoid having this because there are foods with ingredients that have a very strong smell. Foods like this can be more pronounced if the mouth of the person who eats it has poor oral hygiene practice and seldom brushes the teeth. Others who have disease and conditions affecting the breath can also worsen the situation if the eat foods which can contribute in producing bad breath.

Onions is known to promote bad breath. It has big amounts of dimethyl sulfide. This sulfur compound provides a smell to the entire bulb of the onions as well as to the mouth. Too much intake of onions can sometimes cause tears to others who are directly exposed to the breath of a person.

Asparagus is another vegetable that has same compound with the onions; this sulfur compound is very potent in causing bad breath.

Eating a variety product of meats can sometimes cause you to have Garlic Breath. Especially when the meat is cooked with savory containing ingredients and a very strong seasoning is used. This can create a pungent bad breath. The main reason why meat can also produce an undesirable breath is due to the presence of lipid-based molecule that is volatile in nature.

Fishes probably the dried ones are very common in Asian countries. This type of food can produce halitosis like Garlic Breath. Mainly, salt and some garlic powder are spread all over the fish and it is directly exposed to the sunlight. Once the dried fish is cooked, the aroma of the garlic is well pronounced. This aroma remains in the tongue and possible some of the sulfur compound goes into the bloodstream and through the process of circulation, it also penetrates the lungs thereby causing you to have Garlic Breath.

There are breads that are powdered with Garlic. Garlic bread is very common in Europe countries as this is included in eating pasta. As part of the meal, some chefs may add up strong seasoning to the pasta as an ingredient plus the garlic bread that you eat can also give you a problem with bad breath. It is very sumptuous to eat foods with high seasonings since this is very enticing to our taste buds but the disadvantage of eating this kind of food can create a Garlic Breath, which is very embarrassing if you don’t brush your teeth right after eating the meal.

There are smelly fruits that can create bad breath as well. Eating jackfruits and durian which is common in tropical countries is very tasteful but the aroma of the fruit is undesirable to those who can smell it. Once you eat these fruits, tendency is that every time you breathe, the aroma of the fruit joins the air you take out from your body. This one does not cause you to have Garlic Breath but it is very embarrassing especially when you talk with someone who has a sensitive sense of smell.

Nicotine plus caffeine can also cause you to have halitosis. Nicotine is a chemical that can penetrate your lungs plus the caffeine that has a very strong smell can stay in your taste buds for a longer time. Once you did not clean your mouth by using a mouthwash or gargle. The smell of the caffeine associated with the aroma of the cigarette due to the nicotine that is accumulated in your lungs can definitely cause you to have bad breath. Tendency is the bacteria inside your mouth can rapidly increase due to the exposure of the nicotine which is very ideal for the multiplication of the bacteria.

A vegetable such as cabbage is also noted as a potent green vegetable that can cause bad breath. Especially when you eat fresh cabbage from Caesar salad, it has a compound that can create bad breath. Aside from this, the cabbage is also known for its gas forming effect causing you to produce flatus.

Alcoholic beverages have a very strong smell as well. When you take a large amount of alcohol drinks, this can cause you to have bad breath. It is better to avoid this if you wanted to have a good smelling breath.

These are some of the noted foods that can cause bad breath such as Garlic Breath. It taste good but it has a not-so-adorable smell that is very embarrassing when someone smells your breath. It damages the image of a person. Therefore, it is better for them to have something in the pocket to resolve this situation if in case that eating a sumptuous but foul smelly foods can’t be prevented.

Garlic Breath