Dietary Modification Tips that can avoid Halitosis

Garlic Breath

Having bad breath or medically termed as halitosis is one of the common oral health concern which is brought about by different internal and external factors. Aside from physiological and pathological reasons such as mouth sores, consumption of nicotine containing products like cigarettes and tobacco, a chronic health situation or any infection affecting the respiratory system can create bad breath and worsen the aroma of Garlic Breath. Removing these foods from your dietary activities or reducing the amount of ingestion before you present yourself to any social affairs can aid you to avoid this probably humiliating concern

There are times that even you change your diet list and follow any dietary modification tips; the possibility of avoiding Garlic Breath and other forms of halitosis is unpreventable. It is the best time to visit a health-care professional especially the dentist to ask options on how to improve the odor of your breath. Since having a foul-smelling breath does not pertain to ingesting strong aroma foods, but it may be caused by a severe pathological condition that affects your body. Most likely your lungs are already involved that causes you to have bad breath.

However, these dietary modifications are very useful to prevent Garlic Breath or any bad breath that is too embarrassing for someone who has it. Avoiding or reducing the intake of any foul-smelling foods is the first option. Condiments such as onions and garlic are considered as the main culprit for causing Garlic Breath and onion breath. It consists of sulfur compounds that are malodorous once it is ingested by your mouth. Aside from digesting it, the body absorbs the compound and it mainly goes with your blood passing the blood vessels through the process of circulation which may end up staying inside the lungs.

According to the effective research of the Ohio State University Medical Center, once the sulfur compounds reach the lungs, these are eliminated through the process of breathing which can definitely cause you to have Garlic Breath. Aside from these two common used items for seasonings, there are other sulfur containing foods that can create bad breath. Vegetables like Brussels, asparagus and cabbage can also create this embarrassing condition. In order for you to get rid of this situation, you should brush your teeth and clean your mouth with a gargle after consuming these foods. It is advisable to avoid eating these foods before you attend a social occasion that requires you to have fresh smelling breath.

Another option that can help you to avoid Garlic Breath is to brush your teeth after eating foods which has garlic as part of the ingredients. Especially those foods with meats, minimal amount of meats and other foods inside your teeth or mouth that starts to rot can create bad breath. This condition is aggravated once the bacteria inside your mouth start to digest the bits of food which can cause their own odor. Brushing the teeth, cleaning the gums and inner checks as well as swiping the tongue for two times a day and using of floss regularly can prevent bad breath caused by unhygienic practice of oral care. It is advisable to consult your personal dentist to have your teeth and mouth evaluated for at least once a year and have it professional cleaned for about two times a year.

Prohibiting yourself from ingesting alcoholic beverages which can create bad breath and worsens Garlic Breath is another option on how to avoid this situation. Based on the research studies done by the American Academy of Family Physicians, a person who consumes alcohol for a longer period of time can have a foul-smelling breath. The only thing that can help you to prevent this situation is to avoid or limit the consumption of alcohol drinks.

Avoiding spices and other spicy foods can also help you to prevent bad breath. Same with other foods, once it is absorbed by your body, it goes into the blood stream and ends up inside your lungs causing you to breathe foul-smelling odor. Garlic Breath and other foul-smelling breath can lasts for a longer period of time until the spices are fully expelled from your body. Remove this from your diet, and eventually you will have an improved smell of breath.

Cleaning your mouth by brushing your teeth, gums and tongue after drinking caffeinated products can help you prevent malodorous breath. This product has a sulfur compound that is carried into your lungs which can cause bad breath.

These are the dietary modification tips that can help you to avoid Garlic Breath and other humiliating breath that is preventable if these are properly practiced.